Monday, July 18, 2011

Recent Reads

I am not a reader. I typically do not have the focus, and I definitely do not usually have the time to read. But I have read two books in the last month. i am really getting into this whole book reading thing.
Here are the books I read this past month

"Heaven is for Real" by Todd Burpo. It is a great story about a little boys trip to heaven and back during an emergency surgery.
The other one was "Erasing Hell" by Francis Chan

It was not my intention to read 2 books that are both about or destinies after we leave this life. Two completely different destinies at that. It just happened that way.

Heaven is for Real was a great book. It is a mood lifting, inspiring book about what I can look forward to when I die. Erasing Hell is completely opposite. It is not what the title sounds like. This is not a book suggesting that Hell does not exist. It is about the dangers of taking on that mindset. Choosing to believe in Heaven, but not believing in Hell. Who wants to believe in a place like Hell anyway? Right? But scripture tells us about hell.

If you choose to believe that everyone will go to Heaven, even those who deserve punishment, you better be REAL sure about that. Would you put your life savings into a stock that you were told very clearly will crash and you will lose all of your money? Why would anyone want to do that with their eternal destiny?