Sunday, October 17, 2010

Handing over the leash

My brother is caring for a friend's dog while he is getting settled. Yesterday, when the kids and I were at my mom's house, we were sitting on the back porch. My parents have 28 acres, and Solomon comes up to us on the porch with his leash in his mouth. I said, "Solomon, you have room to run, you don't need a leash, go, RUN!!" He had been running. But he was ready for a walk.

That is what being in Christ should look like. We have this world, we have free will. We have room to run, and be free. But to be in Christ means to hand over the leash and tell God, "I am ready to walk with you, I am ready for you to lead me. I don't want to run on my own anymore. I need a companion."